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2022 was the first year that Alaska hosted an Alaska Regional tournament bringing in athletes from around the state.  We want to congratulate all our athletes who participated, as all of our teams finished well.

The following teams won the AK Region Tournament in their age divisions:

2022 17s team
Ryley D.
Karlie D.
Jenna G.
Jasmine H.
Abbie L.
Emma M.
Keily P.
Naomi P.
Megan R.
Cheyenne W.

Coached by Kate Lapham

2022 14s team
Eureka C.
Molly D.
Ivy E.
Bailey E.
Jordyn G.
Allie G.
Khloe I.
Emery K.
Bristol K.
Samantha T.

Coached by Steve Reynolds

2023 13s team
Molly O.
Allie F.
Emily D.
Taylor P.
Kathleen S.
Leanna B.
Ava S.
Kaylyn M.
Kerri T.
Loren N.

Coached by Jayme DeHart